Writer and Director

Robert Dugan

Robert Dugan is a writer/director and cinematographer based out of Las Cruces, New Mexico. At age 13 he fell ill for nearly half a year and discovered his intense obsession with filmmaking while lying in bed all day. “Zeal” is an independent passion project and he will graduate in May, 2016 with a BA in Film at NMSU. He is especially interested in making films that shine a light on the difficult decisions people are driven to as a result of being marginalized. The humanist element of creating films that resonate with people is what drives his hunger to be a part of something bigger: to create films that have a positive effect on audiences the same way film had a positive effect on him.

Previous Directing Work

Curtain Call Man On A Lake

Director of Photography

Shannon O'Donnell

Growing up, Shannon used to make home movies with his siblings to pass the time. Then in high school he joined the media broadcast team giving him the opportunity to make several videos shooting on mini-dv tapes. He would have never guessed that he would pursue filmmaking as a career but through an internship at a website and video company years later, he realized he had a passion for shooting films. From placing first in a Disney/Phillips contest to working on the NBC drama “The Night Shift”, he has been blessed with opportunities to hone his craft. Shannon sees cinematography more than just images. To him, it is an opportunity to emotionally connect to the viewer in a deep and profound way.

Previous Director of Photography Work

The Ninja Star Todo Importa


Jenn Garcia

As a senior studying Business Marketing and Digital Film at New Mexico State University, Jenn has gained valuable experiences to help her produce this project. She loves bringing people together to create films. Watching a project go from an simple idea in one person's mind to an actual film for thousands of people to see is her favorite part of producing.

Previous Producing Work

Producing Reel Curtain Call

Production Designer

Abra Clark-Van Brunt

Abra Clark-Van Brunt   graduated from New Mexico State University with a bachelors in Digital Filmmaking. She has experience production designing, writing, and directing various short films, plays, music videos and commercials in and out of school. Making a unique world come alive, and creating a certain look, vision and feel of the film is one of the many reasons why she is passionate about production designing.


Previous Production Design Work

Just Enough Curtain Call


Sound Designer

Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia is a 21 year old student studying filmmaking in New Mexico State University. He is an aspiring sound designer with a true craft. He lets his creative flow and imagination pour into his sound designing.  After working on several commercials, short films, and student projects, Carlos has stayed true to his passion. If there is one thing that he isn’t proficient at, he works hard to make that weakness into a strength.



1st Assistant Director

Joaquin Chavana

"High Five"

2nd Assistant Director

Angela Marissa Johnson

"The only safe thing in filmmaking is to take a chance."

Script Supervisor

Janelle Torres

"Whenever you have writer's block just ask yourself what Taylor Swift would not do"

1st Assistant Camera

David Morales

"My life's dope and I do dope shit"

2nd Assistant Camera

Dom Brown

"Efficiency...Thats the name of the game"

Key Grip

Brad Otero

"Safety is 30% common sense, 80% compliance, and the rest is good luck."

Art Director

Whitney Guaderrama 

"I mean..."

Crew Page Mia

Set Decorator

Mia Alessandra

"I love film more than I love cake"

Prop Coordinator

Noe Gomez

"The only greatness for man is immortality" -James Dean

Boom Operator

Nicholas Duron

"The world is full of kind people. If you can't find one, be one."

Background Casting

Jovan Williams

"My plans always work sometimes"

Production Assistant

Patrick Schaub

"They told me to follow my dreams so I went back to bed"


Production Assistant

Jullian Hill

"I may be cocky but at least I'm not Kanye West"


Production Assistant

Tristan Herring

"Life is a movie, God is the producer, your friends are the actors, your family is the crew, and you are the director"